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General Questions

What is YoCutie?

YoCutie is a free Dating App. You can use YoCutie with your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Tablet and via the Web.

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How much does YoCutie cost?

YoCutie is 100% free. Really. We have no upgrades or premium packages. We monetize only by showing you ads.

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How can i get to know others?

This is simple and secure with YoCutie. You look for others that you are interested in and give them a "Yo". As soon as they give you one "Yo" back you have a match and you can chat.

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Registration and Login

How can i login with Facebook?

At the start choose "Login with Facebook". Now you will need to authorize us to access some basic data like your e-mail. That's it. You are now a YoCutie Member.

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How can i register?

At the start go to "Other Login Options" and then "Create New Account". Fill out the form and confirm the email we will send you afterwards. Afterwards you can login via "Other Login Options" -> "Login with E-Mail".

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I have lost my password. What now?

Go to "Other Login Options" -> "Login with E-Mail" and then on "Forgot you password?". Enter your e-mail and reset your password. Afterwards we will send you an e-mail with a link to reset it.

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How can i change my profile data?

Touch our menu icon on the left top. Choose now "My Profile" and then "Edit".

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How can i change my picture?

Touch our menu icon on the left top. Choose now "My Profile" -> "Edit" and then "Insert Picture".

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How many pictures can i upload?

You can upload up to 10 pictures.

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Who can see my profile?

Every of our users who is exactly looking for you and which "Filter" settings you match.

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How can i delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by selecting "Settings" -> "Delete account".

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What can i set under Notifications?

You can set here how YoCutie communicates with you.

All notifications: Shows you if the "Push" Notifications are enabled. If they are disabled you can enable them under Settings of your iPhone/iPAd > Notifications > YoCutie.

New message notifications: We send you a notification if you receive a new message.

New darling notifications: We send you a notification if there is a successful YoCutie match.

Newsletter via E-Mail: We inform you about important YoCutie changes via E-Mail. We don't send any SPAM.

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What can i set under Privacy?

To make YoCutie work best for you, you should always enable the Location Service. Otherwise we are not able to detect your location and can't show other users what their distance is to you. Beside this other users will not find you very good.

Location Service: Shows if its enabled on the device. If it is disabled you can enable it under Settings of device.

Show distance: Shows other users their distance to you.

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