The practice of the picture perfect

YoCutie rules of thumb to finding the one

Don’t be a no-show! 🤳

In order for other people to be able to see your profile, we require you to upload at least one picture on your profile (preferably many 🙂 ). Once your picture has been approved by our admin team, you will appear in the searches of other users, which dramatically increases your chances of getting a match!

Location, location – the next station 🚉

At YoCutie, we love pictures and we love mixing it up. Like a picture can tell a story, more pictures can tell multiple stories, and that could be the start of a new dating adventure! We recommend all of our users to get creative with their pictures and to shed new light on themselves by having their photo taken in different settings; may it be at a picnic or a trip to the beach, a shopping trip or a party at a friend’s, showing multiple sides to yourself will ensure that others get the big picture. Having 3 or more photos of yourself presented in your profile makes it much more likely that others will give you a chance at a second glance

The perspective of zooming in and out 🔍

Just as changing the setting between pictures is important, it can be a good idea to present yourself via a combination of close-ups and pictures that capture more of the places you like to visit. This way, other users will pretty quickly get a good feel for what you’re like as a person and what your interests are. In addition, a smile is always a winner and will give people a positive first impression of you and hence, further increase your chances of getting matches.

Things to keep in mind when creating your one of a kind 📖

At YoCutie, we understand and support completely the fact that each photo is a unique and individual creation that our users put a lot of time and effort into. This makes the app so much more interesting for all of our users and we really appreciate it! In order for everyone to enjoy the app to the fullest, we kindly ask everyone to follow a few, simple guidelines when uploading a photo

  • Your face must be clearly visible in the photo and it should be clear who in the picture is the user of YoCutie
  • No nude pictures
  • No offensive content or symbols
  • The picture must have you in it, e.g., it cannot be a picture of a landscape only
  • A picture may be declined if it contains high levels of filtering or masking

Now it’s up to you! We very much look forward to seeing you again 🕺🏾