YoCutie V2 – Matching the all-new with the best of the old

See the beauty in dating

Searching for – Great looking!

With YoCutie Version 2 comes a brand-new and advanced search filter – A powerful, yet simple-to-use feature that allows you to customize your search for The One. Easily change the distance between you and a potential partner and select their age simply by moving the pointers. Wish to see people who have been using the app recently? No problem. Simply expand the More button, toggle on Active, and hit Search. With a design to match, searching for love is now looking better than ever.

Your new partner in dating!

With the all-new notifications screen, dating is now more exciting than ever! Here is where we show you heartwarming and inspiring news of your Yo’s received and Matches made – With instant appeal, the new notification screen will quickly become a favorite way to Yo Cuties.

Focus on?

Let pictures come to live and discover new detail by using the pinch-zoom feature, available only in version 2 of YoCutie.

More than one shot!

Love pictures and videos? So do we! With the launch of YoCutie V2, we are proud to offer users the option to upload an unlimited amount of pictures and videos on their profile. But don’t worry; we still verify all pictures and videos before they are shown to other users. With a design to match, YoCutie looks the part so that you can see the beauty in dating.

A helping hand – You can ignore

We know that one can have too much of the same conversation sometimes. Therefore, we have built powerful functionality into our ignore button. Simply scroll to the bottom of the profile in question, tap the ignore button, and you will never hear from this user again.

A chat with clarity

We all know the feeling of not knowing what just happened. It can be a frustrating experience and even a little unnerving – but not with YoCutie. If you’re chatting with a user who has been locked or has removed their profile, we lock the chat and tell you what happened. Our focus is to help you find the Cutie for you. That’s what we call “a chat with clarity”.